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Active Ingredient Alpha-cypermethrin 9.8%
Formulation Suspension Concentrate (SC)
Target Pests Cockroaches,crickets, bed-bugs, beetles (and their larvae), litter beetles, mites, poultry red-mites, ticks, ants, flies, fleas, lice, moths (and their larvae), firebrats, silverfish, woodlice, centipede, millipedes, spiders, wasps and their nests and other crawling and (resting) flying insects.
Usage Professional insecticide for indoor and outdoor use
Shelf Life 2 years at room temperature
Pack Sizes 1 litre bottle and 5 litres bulk pack
Manufacturer PelGar International Ltd, United Kingdom

Alphaban 10SC

Alphaban 10SC  is an economical powerful residual insecticide based on the synthetic pyrethroid alpha-cypermethrin (9.8% w/w) which gives rapid knockdown and kill of crawling and ‘resting’ flying insects. Alphaban 10 SC is formulated as a high strength ‘suspension concentrate’ with unique formulation characteristics which produce micro-fine insecticidal particles which can leave a highly residual deposit on all common spray surfaces.

Alphaban 10 SC should be diluted with water and applied using conventional compression spray equipment.

Alphaban 10 SC is available both as a cost-efficient ‘bulk’ pack, containing 5 litres of product or as a convenient 1 litre bottle. For most insect control, a 12.5ml product dose will make 5 litres of ‘ready-for-use’ spray, which will treat 100 square metres of sprayable surface. When a ‘clean-out’ or ‘attack’ rate is required, use 25ml product to prepare 5 litres of ready-for-use spray


  • Rapid acting and cost effective

  • Formulated as a high strength product

  • Outstanding residual action on most common spray surfaces including wood, metal, plastic, wall-paper, carpet, tiles, bricks etc

  • Also effective against red poultry mites, ticks, lice and litter beetles

Relevant Documents

  • Brochure

  • Singapore Label

  • MSDS

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