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Bait Stations for Rats

Target Pests Rats (Norway Rats, Black Rats, Roof Rats) and Mice (House mice)
Usage Bait stations for indoor and outdoor use when baiting with Rodenticide Baits to protect non-target animals and humans
Shelf Life indefinte
Pack Sizes Box of 10 units with key and steel rod to attach baits
Manufacturer PelGar International Ltd, United Kingdom

Tamper Resistant Bait Stations for Rats

The PelGar’s Tamper Resistant Bait Station for rats, made in Alton (UK), has been designed and manufactured to give the best functionality to you at the most competitive price.

The PelGar Rat Bait Station has also been designed with rat behaviour in mind. It has a textured ‘non-slip’ floor which gives it a more natural feel, full width openings for easy access with just a small lip to prevent water entry, and drainage holes in the floor for when the weather conditions get particularly adverse.

The PelGar Rat Bait Station will also safely house a ‘break-back’ trap with two location clips in the centre of the station.

The PelGar Rat Bait Station is supplied in outers of 10 units with a horizontal bar for each station and 3 keys per outer, in addition to this vertical bars, wall clips and bait station dividers

Currently used by mayor pest control companies to service their clients in UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, consider switching to PelGar Rat Bait Stations as Bait Station of choice for your pest control business.


  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom using high quality and strong polypropylene plastic

  • Competitive pricing

  • UV treated and can withstand high moisture and heat

  • Extra lipping on the Bait Station improving water proofing – Great choice for outdoor baiting in tropical wet conditions

  • PelGar Bait Stations can last 5-10 years in the field

  • PelGar Bait Station is the Number 1 selling Bait Stations in New Zealand

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