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Pherotools Rodent Control Product Range (Singapore)

Pherotools offer a complete portfolio of rodent pest control products to effectively control rats and mice. We offer different Rodenticide Bait formulations and innovative products such as Rodentstop to help your pest control business effective control rats and mice whatever the situation. Our rodenticide baits are one of the most palatable and effective in the market, currently used as the rodenticide bait of choice by leading pest control companies in UK, Europe, N. America, Australia and New Zealand.

Rodent Proofing

Pherotools offers a number of different bait matrixes to help you gain effective control of rodents whatever the situation

PelGar has one of the largest wax block manufacturing facilities in Europe. Within South East Asia, our blocks are designed and formulated for the local conditions to ensure maximum weather-ability and palatability. PelGar International ensures the highest quality food grade ingredients goes into their rodent baits. Rats in particular respond to the same five food “tastes” that we humans do, therefore it is important to produce a balanced bait that rodents will want to eat.

Anticoagulants are the most effective rodenticide baits against rats and mice on the market. They work by preventing the assimilation of vitamin K1, one of 12 ‘blood clotting factors’ within vertebrates. Once a lethal dose of poison has been eaten by the rodent, there is a lag period while the existing vitamin K1 in the body is used up. This normally takes three to four days, after which the blood will no longer be able to clot and any haemorrhaging inside the body will lead to death. The great advantage of the lag period is that rodents never associate the bait they have eaten with the symptoms of poisoning they go through. This means it is possible to attain 100% control of the population as the rodents will continue to feed on the bait, ignorant of the fact it is killing them.

What makes our Rodenticide Bait Blocks different?

What makes our Rat Bait different?

Our VERTOX Weather Resistant Rodenticide Bait Blocks are manufactured in the United Kingdom by PelGar International Ltd using:

●  top quality food ingredients
●  high quality active ingredients
●  highly attractive aroma & flavours
●  moisture balancing & preservatives

VERTOX Weather Resistant Rodenticide Bait Blocks are ready-to-use rodent bait formulated using high quality culinary grade wheat flour, blended with chopped wheat, other cereals and proteins which are bound together by edible waxes. The addition of other food grade materials improves bait ‘take’, and bio-stats are incorporated to inhibit the growth of both fungi or bacteria should the block be exposed to damp conditions. This process ensures the blocks are highly tolerant to humidity and hence suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, including sewers where they will be exposed to damp or wet conditions while remaining palatable and in good condition.

This is the reason PelGar rodenticides are some of the most effective and efficient baits on the market.