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VERTOX Bait Blocks

Active Ingredient Brodifacoum 0.005%
Formulation Ready to use Bait Blocks
Target Pests Rats (Norway Rats, Black Rats, Roof Rats) and Mice (House mice)
Usage For the control of rodents in and around buildings
Shelf Life 2 years at room temperature
Pack Sizes 2kg pail and 8kg pail
Manufacturer PelGar International Ltd, United Kingdom

VERTOX Weather Resistant Rodenticide Bait Blocks

VERTOX Weather Resistant Rodenticide Bait Block is one of the most effective and efficient bait used to control rats and mice in the market today.

VERTOX Bait Blocks have been formulated with moisture balancer, preservatives and an unique chocolate aroma to create an irresistible and highly palatable rodenticide bait for the control of rats and mice. Unlike other products, VERTOX Bait Blocks are made with high quality culinary grade wheat plus other key ingredients to maximise bait uptake, palatability and durability.

VERTOX Weather Resistant Rodenticide Bait Blocks offer outstanding resistance to humidity and dampness. With VERTOX Bait Blocks, you no longer have to worry about your baits moulding and going bad in warm and damp conditions, a continuous problem faced by pest controllers outdoor in hot and humid countries like Singapore.

Currently used by mayor pest control companies to service their clients in UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, consider switching to VERTOX Weather Resistant Rodenticide Bait Blocks as your staple rodent control product or include VERTOX Bait Blocks as part of your rodenticide rotation to improve control and resistance management.


  • One of the best rodenticide product in the market

  • Powerful single feed rodenticide containing one of the strongest second generation anticoagulant.

  • Bait Blocks are made from high quality food ingredients

  • Vertox Bait Blocks are highly palatable and rodents feed longer

  • Outstanding unrivalled moisture resistance

  • Bait Blocks are free from stored product pests

  • NEA Registered & HACCP International certified

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