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** Caulk gun is not included

Active Ingredient Brodifacoum 0.005%
Formulation Ready to Use Paste Bait
Target Pests Rats (Norway Rats, Black Rats, Roof Rats) and Mice (House mice)
Usage For the control of rodents in and around buildings
Shelf Life 2 years at room temperature
Pack Sizes 300g tube and available as “T-bags”
Manufacturer PelGar International Ltd, United Kingdom

VERTOX Soft Bait (300g tube)

VERTOX Soft Bait has been proven to be one of the most palatable bait in the market.
Research shows that Soft Bait is more readily accepted by rats – higher energy composition and higher moisture content in the unique PelGar soft bait formulation make the PelGar soft baits more palatable than conventional bait forms.

Highly effective against rats and mice, Vertox Soft Bait’s high energy content makes it the preferred formulation to use in many situations, and is particularly useful where rodents have declined to accept other baits. Taste adjuvants and flavours help to improve bait ‘take’, and stabilising agents prevent oxidation.

Vertox Soft Bait is a ready-for-use bait formulated using a blend of high quality culinary grade wheat flour, chopped grain, soft lard/vegetable oil and synthetic peanut flavouring to produce a high calorie, high energy feed. The use of synthetic peanut flavourings allows the product to be used in sensitive situations where products containing nuts would not be authorised for use.

Currently used by mayor pest control companies to service their clients in UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, start adding Vertox Soft Bait to your rodent pest control products.


  • A highly palatable rodenticide product

  • Powerful single feed rodenticide containing one of the strongest second generation anticoagulant.

  • Soft Baits are made from high quality food ingredients

  • Special blend of oil makes rodents feed longer

  • Useful when there are other food sources nearby

  • NEA Registered & HACCP International certified

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