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Pherotools Professional Pest Control Products

Official Partner & Exclusive Distributor PelGar International Ltd’s innovative range of pest control products in Singapore

 Pherotools Pte Ltd’s current pest control products include highly palatable and weather resistant rodenticide baits for the control of rodents (rats and mice) in tropical conditions and a range of professional insecticides against common urban and public health pests (mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, termites, ants, bed bugs, fleas etc) designed for effective pest control in South East Asia; allowing Pest Control Operators (PCOs) in Singapore to stay ahead of the pest all the time.

Pherotools have teamed up with PelGar, together we are leading the way in global pest control. PelGar International is a well established British manufacturer of highly effective rodenticide, insecticide and pest control products for the control of public health and agricultural pests. PelGar International Ltd develops and supplies innovative and novel pest control products to the global public health pesticide market. With an active and dynamic R&D programme, which draws on a wide range of market intelligence and technical feedback, PelGar aims to provide solutions and effective pest control products to any global pest problem. Experienced staff and efficient in-house manufacturing at PelGar International Ltd give the company the flexibility to provide innovative and novel pest control products that customers really want, while retaining tight control on quality and service.

Rodenticide and rat bait Pest Control Product Range for the control of rats

Professional Rodent Control Product Range

Pherotools offer a complete portfolio of rodent pest control products to effectively control rats and mice. We offer different Rodenticide Bait formulations and innovative products such as Rodentstop to help your pest control business effective control rats and mice whatever the situation. Our rodenticide baits are one of the most palatable and effective in the market, currently used as the rodenticide bait of choice by leading pest control companies in UK, Europe, N. America, Australia and New Zealand.

Rodent Proofing

Professional Insect Pest Control Product Range

With so many pest control products in the market, it can be a daunting task selecting the right insecticide product. Selecting the right tool for the job is essential in getting the best results. Not surprisingly this applies to product selection in pest control. Pherotools offer a range of advanced formula insecticides for the SE Asian market designed for different pest problems. Our product range is effective against common public health and urban pests in Singapore.

Residual Insecticide


Space Spraying Insecticides


  • Cytrol 10/4

Insect Fumers


  • ForteFog P Fumers

Bait and Kill


  • Vulcan Ant Bait